Filiation, entre Bible et cultures. Hommage à Roland Meynet, RBSem 17

Massimo Grilli – † Jacek Oniszczuk – André Wénin, Filiation, entre Bible et cultures. Hommage à Roland Meynet, RBSem 17, Peeters, Leuven 2019 (427 p.)

In his long career as a biblical scholar and teacher, Prof. Roland Meynet s.j. has distinguished himself not only by developing and promoting a method of exegesis whose originality and fruitfulness are now well recognized, but also by an abiding concern, inherited from his teacher Paul Beauchamp, to bring out the theology of the texts he studies using this method. One of the themes at the heart of his theological interests is the filial relationship between human beings and God.

The texts collected in this tribute collection to Prof. Meynet shed light, each in its own way, on this rich and varied reality of filiation. Without claiming to cover all of this vast subject, they develop its essential aspects, particularly in its theological components – the filial bond between Christ and his Father, the filiation of believers who are disciples of Christ and children of God – without forgetting, however, human filiation and what is at stake in it in terms of identity and human becoming.

An original feature of this book is that the theme is explored not only in the Bible – particularly the New Testament – but also in other great texts of Western or universal culture, such as the Rule of St. Benedict or the Chinese sages Confucius and Laozi, as well as Muslim or Buddhist writings. The exploration of these texts regularly resorts to the method systematized by R. Meynet, Semitic rhetoric.

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La consegna del volume (3 Maggio 2019)

1. Il Decano presenta Roland Meynet

2. Intervention de Laurent Susini, Paris Sorbonne

3. André Wénin presenta il volume

4. Roland Meynet commenta “Sant’Anna, la Madonna e il Bambino” di Leonardo

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