How to be a member

What the RBS offers its members

First of all, the privilege of being a Member!

“Like the Founding Members, every Member has the right to participate in Assemblies and freely vote” (Statute, art. 9).

At the beginning it was envisaged that Ordinary Members and Student Members would have access to certain services on the web site (bibliographies, works that are out of print, in particular those of the founders of rhetorical analysis, exercises, the review on line Studia Rhetorica). In the light of experience, it seemed preferable to open these services to all, which is a good way of making biblical and Semitic rhetoric better known.

The review Studia Rhetorica offers the possibility to Ordinary Members (and also to Student Members, especially doctoral students) to propose an article for publication in the review on the web site of the RBS.

Finally, an agreement was reached with the publishers Éditions du Cerf, Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna and Lethielleux : the members of the RBS can order directly from these publishers volumes of specialized collections, with a significant Remittance.


What Members offer the RBS

They make known the RBS, its objectives and its publications; this offers the possibility of recruiting new members.

Ordinary Members – and Student Members – participate in exchange of information, in particular through the development of the RBS web site which : indicates new titles to add to the general Bibliography, helps to put at the disposal of the public the texts of the founders which were practically inaccessible until now.

Ordinary Members – and Student Members – propose articles for the review Studia Rhetorica which is accessible on line on the RBS web site.

With their subscription, Members contribute, even if it is in a modest way, to financing projects of the RBS.

They indicate possible benefactors who can augment the capital needed for the realization of RBS projects.