Second International Conference

Roma, Semptember 27th-29th 2010


The second conference of the RBS, like the first, is primarily intended for those interested in rhetorical analysis: researchers, teachers and students. They will be able to present analyses of texts from the Bible, but also from other Semitic literatures, or deal with methodological questions.

However, it seemed desirable, in this second conference, to broaden the field of research. From the methodological point of view, the relationships between biblical rhetorical analysis and narrative analysis will be examined. From the point of view of geographical, linguistic and cultural extension, it seems certain that some characteristics of Semitic rhetoric can be found not only in the Pharaonic texts of ancient Egypt, but also in the most ancient works of Greek literature: some texts of Homer and Hesiod are said to have been constructed according to the technique of “ring composition”. The second conference aims therefore to begin to explore those “territories”, inviting specialists in these fields to exchange information and discuss with those who devote themselves to the analysis of Semitic texts.

Conference Program

List of communications


For Licentiate students in the Department of Biblical Theology at PUG, participation in the conference may be validated as an optional course (3 ECTS):
– the student who does not present a communication must write a detailed account of the proceedings of the conference (15-20 pages);
– the student who wrote a communication published in Acts is not required to write an account (except if the text of his communication was a simple reprise of a written seminar paper or part of a licentiate thesis).