Fourth seminar on learning biblical rhetorical analysis

Rome, September 25-29, 2017

RBS is offering a week-long “Seminar on Learning Biblical Rhetorical Analysis”: Monday, September 25 through Friday, September 29, 2017, at the Gregorian University.

1. Program

Two groups are planned, by linguistic field: one in Italian, the other in French.

The program will consist first of all in analysis of biblical texts and of course in exchanges on methodology, with some lessons as needed. It will include:

a time of personal work,
a time of exchange among participants, in groups of two or three,
then of sharing with the professor.

A maximum of eight hours of work per day should be counted.

2. Guides

Under the responsibility of Prof. Jacek Oniszczuk, Prof. Roland Meynet (French language group) and other members of the RBS will guide the work.

3. Conditions

The seminar is not intended for beginners, but for those who have already acquired a certain familiarity with the methodology and especially with the practice of text analysis.

The condition, therefore, is to have seriously done at least the first part of the Exercises in Rhetorical Analysis. These exercises have been published not to remain on library shelves but to? be performed by those who want to learn.

It is more than desirable to know the biblical languages – Hebrew and Greek. However, it is not absolutely essential. You will be able to work, if necessary, on literally translated texts.

4. Enrollment
Enrollment Form

Please send the completed registration form by e-mail to the Secretary of the RBS:

Once the registration is accepted, pay the fee:

Ordinary fee: 120,00 euro
Student fee: 50,00 euro
Students of the Gregorian Consortium (PUG, PIB, PIO): free of charge (an offer is always possible…).

Registrations are accepted until June 30, 2017.

5. Validation

For Licentiate students in the Department of Biblical Theology at PUG, participation in the seminar can be validated as an optional course (3 ECTS).

Although registration is free of charge, you must still complete the registration form. For those who would like participation in the seminar to be validated as an optional course, it will still be necessary to make the university registration as for the other courses at the beginning of the first semester 2017-18, as well as to register for the February 2018 exam session.

The conditions are: first and foremost, active participation in all seminar sessions, as well as writing both a report of the seminar proceedings and a rhetorical analysis of a biblical text, in agreement with the seminar leader.