IX Seminar on the Analysis of Biblical Rhetoric

      All things are twofold, one opposite the other, 
      and He has made nothing incomplete. 

(Sir 42:24)

Rome, 26-28 September 2022

The RBS proposes a three-day “Seminar on Biblical Rhetorical Analysis“, from 26 to 28 September, at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome).

1. Programme

Different groups are planned, according to linguistic field or level (beginners, advanced). There is the possibility of virtual classrooms for those unable to travel to Rome.

The programme will consist first of all in the analysis of biblical texts and of course in exchanges on methodology, with some lessons as needed. There will be:

  1. a time of personal work
  2. a time for exchanges between participants, in groups of two or three,
  3. then sharing with the professor.

A maximum of eight hours of work per day should be counted.

2. Guides

Francesco Graziano (Italian), Roland Meynet (French) and Bernard Witek (english) will lead the work.

3. Conditions

Knowledge of the biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek, is highly desirable. However, it is not absolutely essential. It will be possible to work, if necessary, on literally translated texts.

4. Registration

Please send the completed registration form by e-mail to : retoricabiblicasemitica@gmail.com

Once the registration is accepted, pay the fee:

Ordinary fee: €60.00
Student fee: 30,00 euro
Students of the Gregorian Consortium (PUG, PIB, PIO): 20.00 euro.

Enrolments are accepted until 31 July 2022.

5. Validation

For Licentiate students of the Department of Biblical Theology of the Pontifical Gregorian University, participation in the seminar can be validated as a seminar.

It is necessary to complete the RBS registration form. For those who would like their participation in the seminar to be validated as an optional course or seminar, it will still be necessary to register as for the other Gregorian University’s courses at the beginning of the first semester 2022-2023, as well as for the February (or June) 2023 exam session.

The conditions are: first of all, active participation in all seminar sessions, as well as the writing of a report on the seminar proceedings or the rhetorical analysis of a biblical text, in agreement with the seminar leader.