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The different kinds of Members

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The statutes of the RBS envisage different kinds of Members.

  • «Founding Members» are those who, on March 16, 2006, in the presence of a solicitor in Rome, signed the act of establishing the RBS.

  • «Honorary Members» are persons of note, especially in the academic world, who accept to support the RBS intellectually and morally.

  • «Ordinary Members» are public or private organizations, and also people engaged in the profession of teaching or carrying out research in a field of interest of the RBS.

  • «Student Members» are those who are preparing for teaching and research in a field of interest of the RBS.

  • «Member Friends» are people or public or private organizations who wish to support the objectives of the RBS.


Founding Members and Honorary Members are dispensed from paying the annual subscription.

The annual subscription:

  • For Ordinary Members is 50 euro,

  • For Member friends is 50 euro,

  • For Student Members is 25 euro.

How to Register

It is sufficient to complete the following Request for admission and to send it to the previewed address.