“Semitic Rhetoric and not only”

Second International Conference of the RBS

Rome, September 27-29, 2010

Second International Convention has been held

The second conference of the RBS, as well as the first one, is intended above all for those who are interested in rhetorical analysis: researchers, professors or students. They will be able to present analysis of biblical texts, and also of other Semitic literature, or to discuss methodological questions.

Nevertheless it seemed advantageous in this second conference to broaden the field of research. From the methodological point of view the relationships between rhetorical biblical analysis and narrative analysis will be examined. Moreover, considering geographical, linguistic and cultural diffusion it seems certain that some features of Semitic rhetoric can be found not only in pharaonic texts of Ancient Egypt, but also in ancient works of Greek literature: some texts of Homer and of Hesiod may have been constructed according to the technique called “ring composition”. Therefore the second conference intends to begin an exploration of these “territories” inviting its experts to share information and to discuss with those who are converse in the analysis of Semitic texts.

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For students of the License in the Biblical Theology Department of the PUG, participation in the conference can be recognised as an optional course (3 ECTS):
- a student who does not present a communication has to write a detailed report of the work of the Conference (15-20 pages);
- a student who has presented a communication published in the Acts of the Conference is not bound to write a report (except if the text of his or her communication is a simple repetition of a seminar paper or of a part of the Licence dissertation)