Knot of Solomon

Knot of Solomon

The knot of Solomon is a decorative motif which can be found in synagogues as well as in churches of the first centuries of our age.

It was also adopted in the Islamic world where it conserved the same name: 'uqdat sayyidnâ Sulaymân.

In its simplest form, Solomon’s knot is formed of two weaved rings which some authors consider a symbol of the covenant, especially between earth and heaven.


Il nodo di Salomone

There are also

some more elaborate

forms of this knot.


A complex form of Solomon’s knot has been chosen as a logo of the collection «Rhétorique sémitique»; In fact you can find the knot in the cultural areas of Jewish, Christian as well as Muslim texts which are studied and analysed in the collection.

The knot is a symbol of enigma.

Furthermore, every text is an enigma which needs to be deciphered, a knot which should be untied.

Only the wise are able to unravel enigmas.

And just because of that the name of Solomon the Wise has been associated with the image of this apparently insoluble knot.

Read again the tale of the most famous enigma ever resolved by the wisdom of King Solomon, the son of David: First book of the Kings 3,5-28